Since I had decided on a space for Noah’s busy board and had a better picture of the size it could be, I decided it was time to visit the hardware store and start collecting some supplies. Although I knew a few things that I wanted to include on the busy board, I decided to bring Noah along in case anything there caught his eye. I also brought my dad to help me pick out the right stuff, because, really, who else do you go to the hardware store with if not your dad?!


We were able to get a good sized board and roamed around the store looking for some other key items but came up a bit short. We had hoped do get hinges and knobs for little cabinet doors that we will put on the board, possibly some chain or tubing, a door knob and some kind of battery operated light with a switch or a button.

Although Noah is still fascinated with kitchen cupboards, he had now expanded into light switches. He can’t enter or leave any room without turning the lights on and off at least three times. Not only is he loving the cause and effect of the light switch, he just loves light in general. He loves to stare up at the lights in the house and, when he manages to get his hands on it, he won’t put down the mini flashlight we have in the house. Needless, to say we will have to have some kind of light on the busy board.

In the end we were able to find a battery operated push light that will be perfect for his board. However, we didn’t end up buying anything beyond the board and the light. The pieces were all a bit expensive and we realized that we should likely do some more exploring through what we have at home, what my parents have at work and what is available at thrift stores. My dad works grounds and my mother is a kindergarten teacher, so I imagine we should have some great busy board spare parts around the house.