So, I presented today, which means that I was highly distracted and have limited notes from the actual presentations today. That is not to say I didn’t get a lot out of today’s presentations. We had some really interesting topics today and we were given some amazing technology tool resources that I would never have thought to look for. Instead of a big write up, I will just include a list of all the resources I was able to get down.

Technology in Outdoor Education



Seek by iNaturalist

iTrack Wildlife (costs about $8)

Merlin from Cornell Lab

Marine Debris Tracker

Seaweed sorter

PeakFinder (costs $4.99)

Peak Visor (free version of above)

Globe observer

Nasa app

skype a scientist


Digital Storytelling – Fran, Hailey, Lauren, Emily


comic life

imagine forest

speech journal


How to include video in the classroom